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Brief of the client company

Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) Malaysia is a statutory body formed under the Sustainable Energy Development Authority Act 2011 [Act 726].  The key role of SEDA is to administer and manage the implementation of the feed-in tariff mechanism which is mandated under the Renewable Energy Act 2011 [Act 725].

Purpose of partnering & supporting Reneon

To promote the deployment of sustainable energy measures as part of the solutions, SEDA has teamed up with RENEON towards achieving energy security and autonomy. Reneon Technologies is the technology partner in deploying cloud-based Energy Monitoring Systems for various projects ranging from Commercial Office Buildings, Municipal Offices, Government Offices as well as Universities.

Why client choose to believe in Reneon

Reneon Technologies holds a solid track record with over 80 projects deployed throughout Malaysia with +8 years of experience of deploying solutions such as Cloud-based Energy Monitoring Solution (IVIS) and Energy Efficiency Solution (LED, Voltage Optimizer, Smart Office Sensors, Solar PV System) along with its Energy Audit & Smart Building Consultancy.

How does Reneon add value to SEDA?

Reneon Technologies is a One Stop Centre for energy management & energy efficiency catering to the needs of end-users. Our services include consultancy, services, solution & after-sales support. The solution-focused model holds that focusing only on problems is not an effective way of solving them. Instead, Reneon targets clients’ default solution pattern, evaluates them for efficacy, and modifies or replaces them with problem-solving approaches that work for SEDA.

Primary Solution: Cloud-based Energy Monitoring Solution (IVIS) & Consultancy

IVIS is an intelligent energy management tool used by Reneon Technologies.

  • Identifies wastages & in-efficient equipment usage in Small & Medium sized buildings. 

  • IVIS is hyper-localized, modular & customizable; combining easy-to-integrate hardware (power & water sensors, autonomous smart control) coupled with a cloud-based energy analytics platform with detailed visualizations. 

  • The analytics platform itself has various features including real-time visualizations, reports, statistics, e-mail alerts & scoreboard/gamification to assist the end users. 

  • IVIS also enables autonomous smart building control system integration.

Secondary Solution: Energy Efficiency Solution & Energy Audit
Having an energy audit done is the best way to get a comprehensive view of the actions that need to be taken in order to improve the energy efficiency of a specific building. It is an essential step if you want to identify the technical solutions that are the most appropriate to your business or daily operation.

      Light-emitting diode (LED)

  • LEDs have many advantages over incandescent light sources, including lower energy consumption, better longevity, improved physical robustness, smaller size, and faster switching. LED lights virtually produce no heat (limited to 80%) in the illuminating process. Approximately 20% electric energy gets transformed to light energy in these bulbs. Compared to traditional bulbs, about 80% electric energy is lost as heat energy resulting in only 20% efficiency, that is, conversion to light energy. 

    Smart Office Sensors

  • Smart Sensor Solutions enhance workforce productivity. Smart occupancy sensors are the ultimate way to ensure that every building occupant is experiencing the most appropriate condition in the most efficient way. Sensors communicate seamlessly with the Building Management System (BMS) and Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment, enabling your employees focus on their work as they won’t have to worry about adjusting the HVAC settings as the conditions change throughout the day.

    Solar PV System


  • Solar PV system is becoming more affordable, accessible, resilient and efficient. It provides peace of mind and energy security for households and commercial buildings when the power goes out. Solar system replenishes energy generated from the sun and removes the inconvenience, uncertainty and expense of refueling a gas or diesel-powered generator. Depending on the usage, efficiency and orientation relative to the sun, some solar panels installed in the housing area can actually generate more electricity than your home consumes. This could reduce your monthly electric bill to zero as well as help generate supplemental income if sold back to the grid.

In our vision of being at the forefront of Engineering Intelligent Cities, we have established ourselves in 3 key pillars; Energy Management, Green Technologies & Energy

Efficiency and Smart Building Consultancy


  1. Energy Management - Reneon Technologiesprovide equipment and installation services for monitoring various electrical parameters of buildings and other facilities. Besides that, we also provide data collection services to collect information on the energy consumption of a particular building or facility, including electrical, mechanical and environmental-oriented data.  

  2. Green Technology & Energy Efficiencies - Reneon Technologies supply, provide installation and training services for energy efficient equipment which reduces overall energy consumption in a particular building or facility. Some of such energy efficient devices include voltage optimizers, power factor correction, maximum demand control and energy efficient lighting systems. 

  3. Smart Building Consultancy -  Reneon Technologies render our services as energy experts to enable buildings to be more energy efficient through a combination of energy management systems, smart building controls, energy efficiency products as well as a unique & easy-to-implement Energy Conservation Measures (ECM).  

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