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Reneon targets clients’ default solution pattern, evaluates them for efficacy, and modifies or replaces them with problem-solving approaches that work for SEDA.

Service: IVIS & Consultancy

Result: In collaboration with SEDA, Reneon has monitored over 17 buildings ranging from local municipal, office buildings and universities.


Aerospace Composites Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Reneon Technologies has installed 60 power meters to monitor the overall power consumption at the ACM factory as well as individual equipment power consumption for a holistic view of the energy utilization.

Service: IVIS & Smart Building Solution

Result: A landmark project for Reneon, where the team successful bid and won an open tender to install, test and commission a holistic energy monitoring solution for ACM.


DPulze Shopping Centre

Reneon Technologies provides Proof-of-Concept (POC) deployment [short-term installation] to showcase the benefits of the proposed solution. We offer a customized & localized solution which is the key concerning factor for DPulze Shopping centre to sign up with us.

Service: IVIS & Green Technology Solution

Result: Reneon assisted DPulze in managing their electricity usage including Maximum Demand with an estimated savings of 10-15% derived by the client.


Malaysian Green Technology Corporation (MGTC)

Reneon Technologies is the technology partner in deploying cloud-based Energy Monitoring System primarily for MGTC projects in Local Municipalities.

Service: IVIS & Consultancy

Result: Reneon has collaborated with MGTC to monitor the electricity consumption at the offices of local municipal across 4 states in Malaysia.


Hamilton Sundstrand Customer Support Centre (M) Sdn Bhd- Collins Aerospace

Reneon Technologies deployed an on-site energy monitoring system to measure electricity (Power Meters) & water (Ultrasonic Flowmeters) consumption for the Hamilton Sundstrand factory at the Bukit Raja Industrial area. We are assisting them in providing power consumption insights and saving energy usage.

Service: IVIS & Green Technology Solution

Result: Reneon has assisted the client in monitoring their energy consumption utilizing 6 Power Meters & 12 Water Meters besides customizing the software to support on-site data storage.

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