IVIS is our proprietary cloud-based energy management platform with key functions as stated: 

  • Identifies wastage & in-efficient equipment usage in Small & Medium sized buildings.


  • IVIS is hyper-localized, modular & customizable; combining easy-to-integrate hardware (power & water sensors, autonomous smart control) coupled with a cloud-based energy analytics platform with detailed visualizations. 

  • The analytics platform itself has various features including real-time visualizations, reports, statistics, e-mail alerts & scoreboard/gamification to assist the end users. 

  • IVIS also enables autonomous smart building control system integration.

Energy management tools like IVIS are a great necessity to increase energy regulations especially for utility companies. Energy management is a need of any organization in any industry, therefore, specifically cloud-based energy management platforms has become the dominant tool.











































Additional modules such as the water management module can also be added into IVIS. Combining ultrasonic flow-meters & transmitters, the water flow parameters through piping can be easily measured and this information is displayed graphically through the IVIS platform. 

The Smart Building Control system is utilized for residential application as well as office application with built in AC, LED & Relay controllers. This allows for autonomous & manual control of temperature, lighting and even electrical appliances. The system comes with an easy to-use app which enables not just new buildings but existing buildings to adopt this smart technology.


IVIS can also be utilized for monitoring PV generation, be it for commercial or residential application:

  • Monitoring Energy (kWh) generated from PV panels for usage such as through Net Energy Metering (NEM)

  • Monitoring Energy (kWh) sold to the grid or to other users through the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) program

Easily customizable & modularity enables IVIS to be utilized in different applications.

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