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A smart living system is tailored design and able to integrate with smart building, smart city, smart hotel, smart hospital, smart nursing home, smart school, smart agriculture and etc.


Green technology & energy efficiency solutions are owned and developed by our  R & D team, our well trained consultancy service team & customer service team are always standby with you for consultancy, training and after sales support services.



Today, buildings are no longer a structure but well equipped with intelligent and responsiveness to their occupiers. With the technology now available, Reneon Technologies can help develop smart environments which deliver outstanding performance across all core systems improving efficiencies and reducing usage costs for your desired smart living. Our smart building consultancy includes the processes of design & planning, urban living, industrial & energy expert. 


The world is waking up to energy conscious projects. Whether you are planning a community event or building a city from scratch, an energy consultant provides insight on creating a sustainable and cost effective method towards creating a clean energy environment.



A big part of what we do is creating solutions for energy costs and consequences. The energy efficient requirements of smart cities are a combination of green technologies.



Predictive Analysis, Trending Reports and Real time notifications on easy to use software has made cost cutting in the industrial sector significant. Work with Reneon Engineers to create customized monitoring solutions that suit your industry needs.



As a premier Energy Expert in the nation, Reneon provides training & consulting. We are also available as an Energy Innovation Lab for discussions about R&D and Design.

What is Smart Living ? 
Smart Building Consultancy 

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Reneon Technologies is an established engineering company leading in Green Technology. We enforce our values of Excellence, Candor, Continuity & Innovation to embrace innovative technologies.

We leverage on our expertise and seize every opportunity to grow and sustain as a leader in Energy Saving Management and Smart Building Consultancy Solutions provider in Asia.

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