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Malaysia’s vision towards Green Technology and a sustainable future

Malaysia is blessed with abundant of natural resources. Over the past six decades, Malaysia has evolved from a primary economy dependent on mining, rubber and oil palm plantation, to manufacturing-based secondary economy, morphing into a service-based tertiary economy. 


Natural resources have served the nation well as the growth engine. For the benefits of the existing, as well as the future generations, it is crucial for the country to embark on green growth.


 To support this development strategy, green technology has been identified to catalyse sustainable economic growth. 

  • Green technology is cross-sectoral in nature, which presents a solution in balancing the needs for economic development and our responsibility towards the environment. 

  • The production and development of green technology offer the opportunity to stimulate economic activities in various sectors, creating jobs and attracting investment. 

  • Green technology also offers the capability of mitigating negative environmental impact resulting from economic activities. 

  • There is a growing global need to deal with dangers of climate change, in part through the implementation of green technology. 

  • Green technology application provides the solution to realise the country’s commitment to the world. 


Green businesses in five key economic sectors — energy, transport, buildings, waste and water — can contribute RM12.7 billion and RM27.9 billion to Malaysia’s gross domestic product (GDP) in 2020 and 2030 respectively, based on the platform of business as usual (BAU).

Brief of the client company

Malaysian Green Technology and Climate Change Centre (MGTC) was formerly known as Malaysian Green Technology Corporation or GreenTech Malaysia. MGTC is the government agency under the purview of the Ministry of Environment mandated to lead the nation in the areas of Green Growth, Climate Change Mitigation and Climate Resilience and Adaptation.

Purpose of partnering & supporting Reneon

Reneon Technologies is the technology partner in deploying cloud-based Energy Monitoring System primarily for MGTC projects in Local Municipalities. The best way to further the reach of nation-wide sustainability projects is to foster strategic partnership with renowned local companies and trusted government authorities. Reneon Technologies and GreenTech Malaysia have done just that by strengthening ties to achieve this ultimate goal.

Behind most successful collaborations are organizations that are willing to invest more than their share of financial, human, and political capital to make the effort a success. Reneon Technologies is a high-performing, credible institution that can be a strong technology-partner for MGTC, as we are a team made of passionate, credible, and innovative talents.

Why client choose to believe in Reneon

Reneon Technologies holds a solid track record with over 80 projects deployed throughout Malaysia with +8 years of experience of deploying solutions such as Cloud-based Energy Monitoring Solution (IVIS) and Energy Efficiency Solution (LED, Voltage Optimizer, Smart Office Sensors, Solar PV System) along with its Energy Audit & Smart Building Consultancy..

Professional Smart Building Consultancy:

We render our services as energy experts to enable buildings to be more energy efficient through a combination of energy management systems, smart building controls, energy efficiency products as well as a unique & easy-to-implement Energy Conservation Measures (ECM).

Excellent execution for Smart Living:

Saving the world is a tough job. The Reneon Team does it on a daily basis, and that's the easy part. We make a commitment to make a difference every time, with every client. It's taken us some tweaking and learning but Reneon now has a well defined and proven methodology which places us as a premier energy consultant in the nation.


The world is waking up to energy conscious projects. Whether you are planning a community event or building a city from scratch, an energy consultant provides insight on creating a sustainable and cost effective method towards creating a clean energy environment.


A big part of what we do is creating solutions for energy costs and consequences. The energy efficient requirements of smart cities are a combination of green technologies.



Predictive Analysis, Trending Reports and Real time notifications on easy to use software has made cost cutting in the industrial sector significant. Work with Reneon Engineers to create customised monitorings solutions that suit your industry needs.



As a premier Energy Expert in the nation, Reneon provides training & consulting. We are also available as an Energy Innovation Lab for discussions about R&D and Design.

Service to satisfy our Partner and Clients:

Most of our customers expect fast ROI with minimal human intervention and this is where clear training & consultancy is provided by our team of experienced individuals who help to manage the expectation. Reneon Technologies continue to strive to provide truly customized & value-added solutions. In addition, Reneon Technologies makes sure every project is handled with care through a comprehensive training session to our partners as well as our continuous support in the near future.

In our vision of being at the forefront of Engineering Intelligent Cities, we have established ourselves in 3 key pillars; Energy Management, Green Technologies & Energy

Efficiency and Smart Building Consultancy


  1. Energy Management - Reneon Technologiesprovide equipment and installation services for monitoring various electrical parameters of buildings and other facilities. Besides that, we also provide data collection services to collect information on the energy consumption of a particular building or facility, including electrical, mechanical and environmental-oriented data.  

  2. Green Technology & Energy Efficiencies - Reneon Technologies supply, provide installation and training services for energy efficient equipment which reduces overall energy consumption in a particular building or facility. Some of such energy efficient devices include voltage optimizers, power factor correction, maximum demand control and energy efficient lighting systems.  

  3. Smart Building Consultancy -  Reneon Technologies render our services as energy experts to enable buildings to be more energy efficient through a combination of energy management systems, smart building controls, energy efficiency products as well as a unique & easy-to-implement Energy Conservation Measures (ECM).  

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