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Why Do You Need Energy Management Consultancy ? 

We have energy consultants that are experienced and highly-trained individuals who specialize in identifying issues that reduce your energy efficiency. An energy consultant will help your business create a plan to move your operation towards optimal energy performance. 

Energy consultants are ideal for businesses that have multi-use structures that contain office spaces and manufacturing facilities, have multiple locations, or have complex energy profiles.




A holistic approach towards energy management, primarily through the following steps:

  • Preliminary Assessment of the Electricity Consumption at a Particular Building

(Review of 6-12 months of utility bill) - site visit to the building


  • Installation of cloud-based energy monitoring solution with real-time update and alerts

(Provides a better energy utilization outlook at the building) - Report generation & alerts also allows the end-users to take proactive steps to manage their energy consumption 


  • Detailed consultancy & proposed energy efficiency solutions

(Suggest and propose Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) to be implemented by the end-users) - Our energy  efficiency plan will be broken down to low-cost measures, medium-cost measures & high-cost measures

  • Our energy consultancy services are reliable and experienced.

  • We have required licenses and certifications.

  • Our services included demonstrating the necessary credentials required by your state.

  • We promise you that we can give you the results that you want and help you lower your energy costs.

  • Reneon Technologies show a proven record and past success stories or provide you with reliable references that can speak to the credibility and success of the energy consultancy services you are seeking to hire.

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Reneon Technologies is an established engineering company leading in Green Technology. We enforce our values of Excellence, Candor, Continuity & Innovation to embrace innovative technologies.

We leverage on our expertise and seize every opportunity to grow and sustain as a leader in Energy Saving Management and Smart Building Consultancy Solutions provider in Asia.

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